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At Insurance West we are with you from "Seed to Sale."

As this marijuana or cannabis industry evolves we are dedicated to providing the best marijuana insurance coverage available. Our team of experts focus 95% of their time in the marijuana and hemp insurance market. Throughout a celebrated career of over 40 years, Insurance West Inc. has never been satisfied with taking the easy road. We are in constant search of new opportunities to drive our organization forward and streamline better services to our clients.


It is not a pleasant experience to be uninsured with potentially losing all your equipment, plant inventory and cash. In the past it…

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Dispensaries/ Retail

You want to sell, we want to make sure you can keep doing so without all the worry. Find out what coverage’s are right for you!

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Much has changed in the cannabis insurance industry.  As more cannabis infused products become a new standard, products…

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Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana delivery and transportation is becoming a key component in the thriving cannabis industry. Many cultivators need transporters or deliveries to ship harvested product to the dispensaries or retailers…

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Currently standard insurance companies will not provide coverage for the building owners who owns building being leased to a cannabis tenant. Many of these tenants are cultivators, retailers, marijuana infused product manufacturers…

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Ancillary Businesses

Many businesses support or are directly associated with the cannabis industry. Insurance West is able to offer General Liability, Professional Liability, Product Liability…

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"Why Choose Insurance West?"

Cannabis Driven

Unlike other insurance agencies, we have one department that is 100% focused on only cannabis insurance. Let's just say we're pretty obsessed.

Years of Experience

Insurance West has been around for over 40 years, through blood sweat and a few tears we've built a solid name for ourselves. We want to share this knowledge with you!

One agent, lots of options

We've got the connections you need to get the right price. You can call us Superhero's!


See how we’ve taken your coverages to the next level.

News For You

The cannabis industry is changing everyday and we want you to have the latest updates.

Cannabis Insurance takes a lot of brains, brawn, and guts. It's a growing industry,

For years, Insurance West Inc. has been pushing hard and insuring the cannabis industry. We’ve been there through the law changes, frustration in legislation, and all the heartache. Our team is here to help you along the way. Got some questions? We can help!

Jessie Sanders
Chimane Wilkes
Personal lines Insurance Agent

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