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Industry Index

Welcome to our Industry Index List. Each is unique and important to us!

Below you will find the different cannabis industries. Each industry has it’s specific coverages. We’ve worked hard to make finding insurance for your needs easier to find. We hope you love this industry index! Let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed.


You grow, we grow, we all grow.


It is not a pleasant experience to be uninsured with potentially losing all your equipment, plant inventory and cash. In the past it wasn’t easy getting coverage for a cannabis cultivation facility. Today it is. ¬†With our experienced team, Insurance West will guide you through the process helping you to understand the coverage options available to you and your business.

Dispensaries & Retailers

Selling, It’s what we do.


Insurance West can help you customize the protection you need.¬†These insurance coverage’s are attainable and affordable.


Make, make, and make some more.


As more cannabis infused products become a new standard, products that are infused and oils, concentrates, edibles; food grade products present an enormous risk to business owners…


As it says, we are lords of the land.


Currently standard insurance companies will not provide coverage for the building owners who owns building being leased to a cannabis tenant.

Ancillary Businesses

We don’t directly sell cannabis, or do we?…


Many businesses support or a directly associated with the cannabis industry. Insurance West is able to offer more towards…

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