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Sexxpot Cannabis Strain Designed specifically to Make Women Orgasm

Sexxpot Cannabis Strain Designed specifically to Make Women Orgasm January 30, 2019Leave a comment

A lady has put a lot of time into producing a strain of cannabis that would help heighten any woman’s orgasmic experience.

Known as Sexxpot, this cannabis has been bred solely for its benefits of enhanced sexual pleasure in women.

Sexxpot in Detail

The lady who developed this special strain of cannabis, Karyn Wagner, started her journey to discovering Sexxpot when she had a night of amazing sex.

As she narrates the story, her and her significant other had just had a good puff and decided to hit the sheets. And it turned out to be one of the best sex she had ever had.

That lit a bulb in her head, if she could get such an amazing sexual experience from this weed, then God knows how amazing she would feel if she found a way to develop a strain just for her pleasure.

And so she found out the strain of weed her and her partner had smoked on that fateful night.

It turned out to be a strain known as Mr. Nice — known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

And so she went ahead to create a strain that was tailored to her sexual needs.

She was going to separate the sexually stimulating parts of Mr. Nice and then fine-tune them to create a more intense effect on her.

Why Sexxpot Makes Orgasms Better

And she succeeded.

Her brainchild, the Sexxpot, has a bunch of new qualities in addition to those of its parent plant — Mr. Nice.

Taking Sexxpot helps to enhance your senses and makes you more receptive to sexual activity.

And that is a result of the THC levels in this strain of weed.

Now, you might be thinking that Sexxpot’s THC levels must be off the roof to provide such an amazing sexual experience.

But strangely the answer is No.

In fact, it has a very low THC content as compared to its contemporaries — with just 14% as compared to the usual 18 – 20% THC content in the others.

So one might be wondering why you should lower a strain’s THC levels to create a sexually potent cannabis.

And to that, I say: low levels of THC increase sexual activity because a small dose of THC is enough to heighten your senses and yet leaves room for you to function properly.

And so whatever it is that you do in a calm, relaxed and uninhibited mind would be done well.

And that is what Sexxpot does; it puts you in the best possible mindset to have good sex.

It doesn’t leave you stuck and unable to function effectively.

And that is what makes this cannabis strand good for sex.

The Sexxpot Science

The Cannabis strain that is just created to enhance female orgasm is only obtainable in the Bay Area.

It is developed from its parent plant — Mr. Nice. And as a result, it is an aphrodisiac.

This means that it is potent enough to get you excited to have sex.

But at the same time, it has been carefully designed so that it doesn’t inhibit your ability to function well.

Puffing Sexxpot

When it comes to smoking Sexxpot, you will discover that it has a strong skunky smell. And when puffing it, it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

And before you know it, you begin to feel a slight increase in sensitivity. And that is when to have sex with your partner.

How To Get It

As for its availability, Sexxpot can only be gotten in California. You could have it at your doorstep if you happen to live in the Bay Area.

And that kind of service is made possible by the partnership between Wagner’s company and another cannabis company known as Lady Chatterley.

So all you have to do is contact Lady Chatterley to get Sexxpot. This is a good partnership since Lady Chatterley is also focused on female smokers.

The partnership makes sense, especially because Lady Chatterley’s also caters primarily to women smokers. If you live in the Bay Area, you can contact Lady Chatterley’s directly.

And then for those who don’t live in the Bay Area or California may have a tough time getting Sexxpot.

But we all hope that this strain of cannabis would spread throughout the country with the widespread adoption of the legalization of weed.

A few months ago, 4 states legalized the recreational use of marijuana. And an additional 4 states have agreed to the medical use of marijuana.

Weed And Women

Women Grow Weed Too, Ya Know

That sexxpot seems to focus more on women is because it tries to uphold a long-standing tradition that recognizes the connection between women and weed.

However, all the usual stories that exist about weed and its consumption fail to include women.

Most of the stereotypical images that depict weed usually show only guys who are stoned out of their minds and potheads who spend all day high. These images are only bowing to a wrong stereotype.

To begin with, the pervading stereotype that people who smoke weed are never-do-wells who are lazy and irresponsible is wrong.

A lot of diverse people from different walks of life smoke weed. You have artists, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and basically anyone from any walk of life.

And in all these different people are women. Women also smoke weed, and before you might say that it isn’t okay, there are several reasons that justify why women should smoke weed.

To begin with, the cannabis plant itself is of female gender. The only cannabis plant that is adorable is female. So right from the very roots, there is a strong connection between weed and women.

However, their connection is far deeper than that. It has been discovered that cannabis helps women with one of the most painful things they would ever face, period cramps. The cannabis helps to reduce the cramps and pains that women encounter during their period. It is also known to help women make a smooth transition to menopause.

Beyond Sexxpot is a wide range of weed connected products that enhance the sexual pleasure of a woman by making use of cannabis.

Then another excellent reason is that women are an important part of the world of weed.

They not only grow the weed, but they also harvest, process and sell it. Most importantly, they also smoke it.

Sexxpot is one of the avenues through which the connection between women and weed is strengthened further by destroying the stereotypes that exist anything weed.

Why Weed Gives You Better Orgasms

The Best Orgasm Might Be A Cannabis Orgasm

The Sexxpot strain of cannabis is not the only strain of weed that would increase your sexual satisfaction. The truth is that every strain of cannabis would show an improvement in your sex life.

If it ever comes to the pros of smoking weed, one of them is an improved sex life. This is probably because all the senses of a person become more sensitive when they are high, and this would, in turn, increase the sensations.

Practically all of your senses become more sensitive after smoking weed. The sense of smell, taste, and sight are greatly enhanced.

The sense of hearing is not left out as a high person would have an easier time of hearing and understanding the lyrics to a song.

If all your sense become this sensitive as a result of the feeling of being high, it is very likely that you would be more attuned to any sexual feelings or stimulation. This means that you’ll feel everything even more and therefore have better sex. The weed also helps with the mental part of sex.

Having sex with someone can be a very exciting and yet uncomfortable experience.

And your awkwardness can lead to inhibitions which could lead to a sub-par experience.

Taking a puff of Sexxpot can help keep calm your nerves and make you open to having a great sexual experience.

Specialty Strain

The coming of the cannabis strain Sexxpot is just one of many other specialty cannabis strains.

This has always been a thing in the cannabis world.

When one wants to produce a special strain of cannabis, that person has to first identify certain traits they admire on a certain cannabis plant.

Then they try to increase those traits in other plants.

You could see a farmer take pollen from a male plant with a desired trait and use it to fertilize another female plant with another desired trait to form a hybrid cannabis plant that has a combination of the desired traits of the 2 individual parent plant.

So using this method, farmers can create new strains of weed that satisfy certain needs of weed smokers.

And so this has led to an increase in the number of strains in the market today. With a lot of them being produced to heighten traits like smell, taste, color and the level of highs they can offer.

Other Pot Products For Women’s Orgasms And Women’s Health.

Now apart from Sexxpot, we have other weed products in the market.

It just one of the numerous ways to enhance female health and sexual experience.

With Foria being the most prominent product of the bunch.

It is a lubricant that aids in increasing the sensitivity of the female body.

A sex expert echoes the sentiment of the statement above by saying that lubes like Foria make sex better because they “get your clitoris high.”

By the way, if you could get your hands on a guide, you could practically make yours at home. These products are an alternative to smoking and vaping.

Also with the growth of the cannabis industry, women are beginning to take big strides in cementing their places as entrepreneurs in the space. Women like Whoopie Goldberg have cannabis companies that produce lots of products for female health.


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