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House Seeking Bill To End War On Marijuana

House Seeking Bill To End War On Marijuana February 14, 2018Leave a comment

Forbes presented an interesting article on the effects so far with the house fighting the war on marijuana, and we wanted to share.


Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna introduced a house bill aimed to reform federal cannabis laws and foster healing in communities that prohibition has hurt most.

Rep. Lee commented that the bill offers a roadmap to ending the war on drugs and mass incarceration for communities of color, but also “an essential step” in correcting the injustices that prohibition has wrought.

“People understand that marijuana criminalization has failed, and we’re committed to the goal [of ending prohibition], but we also need to get it right. The victims of this policy need to be at the forefront of this effort,” Lee said. “Not only are we fighting back, but we’re moving forward.”

The Department of Justice’s stance on the matter, she noted, the time to start mapping the road ahead is now. “This issue has never been more critical than it is today,” Lee said. “We know who is most likely to suffer from a revival of the war on drugs, and that is marginalized communities of color.”

For the full article please visit the following link.


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