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We saved $25,000 on cannabis insurance premium

We saved $25,000 on cannabis insurance premium August 24, 2017Leave a comment
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Owning and operating a profitable marijuana business can be frustrating and downright painful. Especially when it comes down to cannabis insurance. Many businesses face an uphill battle with state or local rules and regulations. Many have had to find a “bogus” location just to operate or keep their license. Not to mention, some financial institutions now offer their services but nail the business owner with pesky fees and make it difficult because of the cash flow. On top of that the massive time spent to get it all done is detrimental to growth. Many reading this say, yep, been there done that!

A couple of months ago a client had to cash in her Life Insurance policy just to purchase flower. What?! Their exasperation was very evident in all the above mentioned including state and federal taxes eating them alive.

Help is here!! A $6 million in annual sales customer was up for their insurance renewal early in 2017. Prior premiums paid were upwards of $95,000. Working with our underwriters we saved them over $25,000 in premium! This allowed them to pursue value added insurance products for safeguarding their business. Bottom line – We know our markets.

We are committed to streamlining the insurance process in a smooth, seamless and satisfying way. One of our goals is to make purchasing and maintaining your insurance our priority so you can do what you do best, make money! 95% of our clients are marijuana related businesses; over 250 satisfied customers.


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Brian Simpson
Cannabis Insurance Expert


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